What You Should Know About Autumn Allergies

Spring isn’t the only season infamous for terrible environmental allergic reactions. For some, the start of autumn can be a very symptomatic time.

What Are Environmental Allergies?

  • Substances in the air, that when inhaled, cause allergic reactions.
  • Reactions can be mild, moderate or severe.
  • Reactions that are left untreated can result in infection and difficulty breathing.
  • These types of reactions are either perennial (present throughout the year) or seasonal.

What Are the Most Common Allergens in the Fall?

  • Ragweed, a plant that produces an abundant amount of pollen is the main culprit of fall seasonal allergic reactions.
  • Outdoor molds thrive in the environment until the first frost of the late autumn, early winter. The develop in the leaves that have fallen from trees. Individuals, especially children with mold allergies are advised not to play in leaf piles or spent time raking leaves.

Tips for Managing Fall Allergies

  • Shower frequently to rid your skin and hair of pollen.
  • Don’t touch your face unless you have recently washed your hands.
  • Keep your windows closed. Although the cool breeze of the season may feel good, it’s best to continue to use the air conditioner.
  • Do not dry your clothes outside on a line.
  • If you are raking leaves, wear a mask to help filter the air you are breathing.

Should You See a Doctor or Allergist?

  • Individuals suffering from itchy or watery eyes, runny or congested noses and sneezing should see a physician.
  • Treatment is available for seasonal allergies.
  • Treatments available vary for individual patients.

Are You Suffering From Autumn Allergies?

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